In this feature, we take a look into a turmeric company that is legit. With food scientist on the team and branding that can stand on its own, Golden Grind is the real deal. It’s also ethically sourced & gives back to charity. We ask founder Sage Greenwood to tell us more.


Tell us about Golden Grind & how you got started?

Let’s go back to the days when all we knew about turmeric was that it was traditionally used in Indian cooking and stained everything bright yellow. Late 2013, to be specific, and a close-knit, health-focused family called the “Sangreen Watts” were running their latest venture ‘Evolve Fair Food Store’ on the outskirts of Melbourne, in Belgrave. The Mother Hen of the group had heard briefly about some of her hippy friends drinking turmeric with hot milk, and Tahli, her daughter, a food scientist specialising in natural nutrition and disease prevention, was starting to see a rise in turmeric studies surface. After diving deeper into this concept and brainstorming as a team, we created our unique turmeric latte blend that maximised what we knew about portion sizing of the bright yellow spice, balanced it with the all important black pepper and delicately added enough cinnamon to flavour.

Who’s on your team?

We are 3, 2 sisters and a husband, haha! It’s a family affair. We all wear different hats to make the business wheels turn, and of course, we all love turmeric.

Why would Golden Grind make a great gift?

Because it’s not only SO good for the receiver, it will make their insides happy. All our packaging is beautifully designed so you can feel extra fancy, and you can know you’re giving back with a % of every bag going to charities. Our Turmeric blends are also all hand-packed at a disabled facility in Melbourne, so you can rest very easy knowing you’re giving back to the community. We’re also nice and affordable, so you won’t break the bank.

What makes Golden Grind unique?

We’re legit. A lot of people compliment us on our branding and packaging but we like to think the real us goes far deeper than our fancy black and gold branding. We care so much about what goes into each and every one of our products. From the packaging, shipping, manufacturing process, ingredients and general community support, we’re behind ethical, sustainable and fair trade support at every step of the way. We are not just doing this to ride a “trend” and make a buck…

We genuinely care about creating genuine, authentic products. Our products are also all designed with the help of a food scientist (we’re super lucky that one of our founders is a food scientist), so all the ingredients in our products are there for maximum health benefits, no fillers or crap. 

What’s the most meaningful gift you have ever received?

That’s a tough one – so many. For all of us, it’s all about the experiences and giving back – receiving things that don’t just better us, but the community and those less fortunate. Every time we go into the Melbourne CBD, we buy a bunch of wholesome muffins and share them with the homeless…these small efforts are everything to us.

Who should we interview next?

How high can we aim here? There are so many great companies out there doing things for the right reasons these days, like the team at Thankyou, Casa Amuk, Bounce Foods and Lululemon, just to name a few. People that just get it. If we had to pick one… we’d say Damon or Zoe Gameau – the guys behind That Sugar Film xx

Amazing guys. Thank you so much for sharing!

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