Our Story

Fetch started from frustration with the usual holiday shopping period of carparks, shopping centres & generic gift buying. After returning home defeated in late 2014, we realised that most gifts that we purchased were simply ‘convenient’ gifts and rarely were they actually ‘meaningful’.

Around this time we had discovered a local charitable group called Edgar’s Mission. Edgar’s Mission was a farm sanctuary that saved & rescued injured farm and industry animals. We loved their story and came across some of the gifts they had on offer, one in particular was a ‘buddy pack’ which was similar to a child sponsorship but for one of their beautiful farm animals. We gifted this pack to a close family member and found ourselves animating and brimming with enthusiasm whilst explaining the story behind the brand & its mission.

This experience got us thinking, what if perhaps there was more to the gifting experience than we thought.

A month later when this same family member explained to us that they too had gifted a buddy pack to someone else & shared the story of the brand, we KNEW we were on to something truly important.

We discovered that the gifting process was truly a time to share and discover stories and that through gifting these wonderful brands could spread their unique message. Fetch Lane was born of this idea, to spread the word of all of the wonderful brands, groups & services that existed, but often unheard of within the local community.

Independent makers using local materials, charity brands doing world-changing good and ethical brands changing the game were just some of these brands.

With the Fetch Lane platform, our hope is that you can discover the tremendous stories of local brands, founders & game changers that exist around you, and pick up a great item or gift whilst you are doing so.

We hope you find a wonderful something wonderful today.

The Fetch Lane Team.

We Find it. You Fetch it.

spent on unwanted Christmas gifts in 2016 in Australia

animals were killed in the USA alone in 2016

animals are killed for fur worldwide each year