Our Philosophy



Everything on the platform comes from a place of love.

Our vision is for gifting to become a force for good.



What this means is that we only select items that ‘come from a place of love’. We pride ourselves on selecting cruelty-free, quality and positive items only. We do this to ensure that your gifting dollars are making the world a better place and that you can share the wonderful stories of our brands and founders with your giftee.


What do we mean by this?

We believe that the act of gifting should be a time to share the story of an amazing brand, founder or product that is making the world a better place. Animals, the environment & supporting local community makers are all areas we are truly passionate about.

To ensure that all our products fit this description & align with these values we have a few ingredients, items or product types that we won’t stock on our platform such as:


Animal leather + suede, Palm Oil, Animal-derived ingredients, Animal Fur + Feathers, Wool, Animal Bone, Gelatin & Whey.



+ All faux or substitute products are welcomed and encouraged!
+ If you create some items that fit this criteria & others that don’t, you can still submit the ones that are applicable and we will review them individually.


Ingredient Queries or Errors

Whilst we do our best to ensure all gifts on the platform are cruelty-free and ethical, we may not always get it right. If you see or purchase an item that you believe does not fit this philosophy, then we would like to hear from you. We will always do our best to ensure these standards but also rely on the makers & purchasers to be transparent. If you would like to get in touch contact the team at hello@fetchlane.com.au