Bare Bros Co Coffee Scrub – Orange & Grapefruit



Bare Bros Co Coffee Scrub is available in two scent-sational flavours that will revitalise and energize your skin. Leaving you feeling smooth and sexy.

Starting with a base of coffee that is loaded with antioxidants, increases blood flow and helps tighten the skin to give it a more even tone.  Drenched in sweet almond oil, which has been shown to delay general signs of ageing as it renews the cells of your skin.  Also thanks to the vitamin A content in the oil, it may help reduce acne flare-ups.

As if the Bare Bros were not sweet enough… we have thrown in some delicious soft brown sugar that will help protect your skin from harmful toxins and keep it healthy, nourished and glowing.  Add a touch of salt to exfoloiate and remove any dead skin cells and a splash of essential oils that is sure to stimulate the senses.

200g bag/7oz


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(FKA – Nude Dudes Candles)

Bare Bros Co. was founded in January 2016 by Chris Bateman, Ryan Underwood and Carly Underwood. All 3 of whom love nothing more than winding down from a long day by lighting a couple of candles and relaxing with a cheeky Netflix session.

Bare Bros has three core values:
1. Work for a purpose.
* 10% of every sale is donated to charity, with charities rotating every three months.

2. Using our signature ‘Lumberjack’ candle to show blokes that it is okay to light a few candles. Whether its watching some sex in the city or sitting around with the lads, light a candle and feel the good vibes.

3. Keep it simple and fun.

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