So what does ethical really mean?


In this modern age, one of the great things about the modern consumer is their concern and interest in things such as ethical, sustainable and Eco-friendly. People are far more willing to look into the things they buy, eat and wear and are eager to support those doing good. So the question we wanted to look at in this article is what does the word ethical really mean?

We get asked this a lot and the truth is that with ethical, it very often comes down to the opinion of an individual or in a legal sense it’s a predefined set of behavioural standards expected in a given industry.

What we very often see in our line of work is the word ethical leather or ethical meat. For us, this is something that we disagree with in terms of our values towards not only animal welfare but also environmental factors. We believe that there is no such thing as ethical leather or ethical meat due to the fact that an animal or life is taken against its will in order for these items to be produced. For this reason, we believe them to be unethical and unnecessary.

We also strongly believe due to the continually mounting evidence that the production of livestock for meat and leather is becoming by far one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gases, climate change and environmental distraction. For these reasons, it’s hard to see anything ethical in these industries.

This is something that obviously is an opinion we have and isn’t the opinion of everyone, we understand and respect this. We simply want to get consumers and those looking into more ethical purchasing to really question and get an understanding of their own definitions of the term and what they are buying into. It’s so easy to get seduced into words such as organic, sustainable, cruelty-free and ethical without looking at the whole picture.

So next time you are looking at an ‘ethical’ brand or product, be sure to ask yourself the question, is this ethical in my definition or just that of the marketer or brands.