So what if you’re a new vegan who is just learning how to adapt to this new lifestyle, sometimes you can feel lost.


You need encouragement and a new set of knowledge, one of the best ways to do this is by simply searching ‘vegan’ on YouTube. This is a place where you can learn about veganism by seeing what others eat and by taking on meal ideas to make life a little easier.

As meal planning can be really tough for most people, seeing what your favourite vegan Food Tubers, or social celebrities are eating can inspire you to create more exciting meals and incorporate them into your own life.

As plant-based living has become more popular than ever before (as according to Google trends searches for ‘veganism’ have been rising steadily since 2012), the vegan community is incredibly active online.

If you want to spread a message, such as the personal, ethical or environmental benefits of going vegan, showing people is going to be far more powerful than just telling them.

It enables plant-based eating to be conveyed as something colourful, abundant, vibrant and delicious and helped shake the preconceptions of it being like ‘rabbit food! Ultimately our meals need to be delicious and enjoyable to be sustainable, and social media outlets like Instagram and Youtube have acted as a tool to show us that plant-based meals can work for us.

YouTube videos are amazing, from a quick tip on how to do your hair to how to find the perfect way to make a certain vegan meal, it’s all free on YouTube. Filming food has become an art of its own as the vegan lifestyle is becoming more accessible to viewers as people watch their favourite YouTube videos and people become well-known names.

Influencers such as Stephanie de Bourmont of Stephsplate who learned about veganism through social media, and says she now sees how ‘’YouTube has had an impact on making veganism more mainstream”. For the YouTube-obsessed de Bourmont, it was an obvious decision to use the platform to show off her healthy lifestyle and to crush the stigma that vegan grub is, well boring. Her channel features plant-based recipe videos and a popular ‘What I ate Wednesday” series. Her videos are cleanly edited and set to jazzy tunes for a stylized, modern Instagram aesthetic in motion that puts meals at the forefront and includes close-up shots of her smiling face feasting on juicy oranges.

Her videos are the glossy photos in a cookbook, showing that vegan cuisine exists too. “Everyone is looking for inspiration, and it makes me happy to see people getting inspired, whether that is through one of my recipe videos or my lifestyle choices, ’de Bourmont says.

This is a crazy thought but why not create your own YouTube video?!  The first step in creating a YouTube video you must decide on its content or purpose, are you seeking to inform or entertain? Then decide what type of audience you are aiming for and how long you want the video to be. These questions should help you decide the factors you need to consider regardless of whether your goal is to be the next YouTube sensation or you’re merely trying to showcase your work in a public forum.

It’s about keeping your goals reasonable and within your capabilities and also about having some fun! If you are one who dares to give it a go you can simply find out steps to creating your YouTube video such as recording, editing and uploading your video by simply googling how to do it or ask someone. If you are one who wants to give it a go or is one who just likes to watch others and get inspired then that’s the way to go.

Everyone is looking for that inspiration and You-Tubing is the way of showing others that becoming vegan is not as hard as you may think! A little encouragement and new ideas can go a long way especially if you are just starting. Lost in the time when there were just books or word of mouth on becoming vegan, now we have entered a whole new level of awareness. So let’s embrace this year 2018 with a whole new smile!